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Erstellt am 19.05.2011

Leading business association changes its name to scienceindustries


Subject to approval by the General Assembly scheduled for 24 June 2011, scienceindustries will continue to represent over 250 innovative industrial companies in the field of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Christoph Mäder, Chairman of scienceindustries, comments: “Under our new name scienceindustries we, as a leading export industry, intend to send a clear signal for scientific research and development in Switzerland. In this way, we are reinforcing our claim to continue making a major contribution to the quality of life and prosperity in Switzerland thanks to internationally competitive innovations. Each year, we invest more than 7.1 billion francs in research and development, equivalent to about 44 per cent of private investment on research in Switzerland.”

Today scienceindustries comprises companies which operate in the fields of Life Sciences and Material Sciences. Its members are active mainly in research, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical specialities, vitamins, industrial speciality chemicals, crop protection agents, together with aromas and fragrances. Originally founded in 1882, scienceindustries was then known as the Swiss Society for the Chemical Industry (SGCI/SSCI) with headquarters in Zurich.

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