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Foreign trade in 2018 for Chemistry Pharma Life Sciences

Zurich, 1 February 2019

Chemistry Pharma Life Sciences as biggest Swiss export industry continues to grow

Exports for Chemistry Pharma Life Sciences improved to a new record high of CHF 104.33 billion in 2018. At 44.7%, the share of total Swiss exports was on a par with the previous year, so that Chemistry Pharma Life Sciences is still the largest export industry in Switzerland. The US continued to expand its position as the biggest purchaser of chemical and pharmaceutical products from Switzerland, while exports to the UK fell almost by half.

Foreign trade in 2017 for Chemistry Pharma Biotech

Zurich, 31 January 2018

Further increase in foreign trade for Switzerland's largest export industry

Exports for Chemistry Pharma Biotech improved to CHF 98.5 billion in 2017. At 44.7%, the share of total Swiss exports was on a par with the previous year, so that Chemistry Pharma Biotech is still the largest export industry in Switzerland. Although pharma exports could not maintain the gains posted in the previous year, they still grew by CHF 3.4 billion to CHF 83.8 billion. At 5.6%, exports by the other Chemistry Pharma Biotech segments increased slightly to CHF 14.7 billion, while their share of the exports of Chemistry Pharma Biotech remains 15%.

Stephan Mumenthaler appointed as new Director of scienceindustries

The Board of scienceindustries appointed Dr. Stephan Mumenthaler as the new Director of scienceindustries.

Swiss National Bank poses major challenges to export industry

The surprise decision of the Swiss National Bank to discontinue the minimum exchange rate of CHF 1.20 per Euro poses major challenges to Switzerland‘s largest export industry Chemistry Pharma Biotech.

Although the extent of the strengthening of the Swiss franc against other major currencies is still uncertain, the measure will without any doubt have a negative impact on the price competitiveness of our exports. Not only will this dim the growth prospects, but it may also lead to structural adjustments in the companies of our industry.

We hope the Swiss National Bank will prevent an excessive strengthening of the Swiss franc. Against this new background, additional burdens on the economy in the form of new regulation projects, such as for example the Energy Strategy 2050, should be avoided by all means.

Leading business association changes its name to scienceindustries

In future, scienceindustries will be the new name for the business association previously known as SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz. The new name emphasizes the outstanding ability to innovate of the biggest Swiss export industry and on its commitment to make Switzerland a world leading site for production, research and business in the fields of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotech.