Erstellt am 28.09.2015

Position paper - Demands with regard to Switzerland's European policy

scienceindustries judges Switzerland's European policy from the economic policy perspective. That point of view is appropriate because the member companies of scienceindustries have close economic ties with the countries of the European Union:

  • Foreign trade: Around 60% of their exports go to EU Member States while over 80% of their imports come from those countries.
  • Movement of persons: The EU countries are an important region for the recruitment by member companies of highly qualified staff in research, production and distribution. Around 45% of the 70,000 employees of the member companies in Switzerland are citizens of an EU Member State.
  • Business site: The EU Member States have been important research, production and distribution sites for the member companies for over a century. More than 120,000 people work in EU branch establishments of scienceindustries member companies. Some 35% of global sales are achieved in the EU.
  • De facto extraterritorial effect of EU legislation: Because of the economic importance of the EU internal market for the companies based in Switzerland, the EU internal market legislation has become de facto an important yardstick for Swiss economic legislation. Swiss stipulations that depart from that base cause additional expenditure for companies based in Switzerland which deal with the EU and have to be compensated by increased global competitiveness.

Complete position paper "Demands with regard to Switzerland's European policy" to download (PDF)