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Working Paper Brexit – Challenges and Opportunities for scienceindustries

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the 3rd most important export partner for
scienceindustries member companies. The continuation of the current economic cooperation between
Switzerland and the UK, which is based on the bilateral Agreements with the EU, should be ensured in a
comprehensive manner by the establishment of a new network of provisions. The aim is to maintain the
status quo during the transition period. Download of the working paper: Brexit – Challenges and Opportunities for scienceindustries

Standpoints of scienceindustries

Here, we keep you informed about our industry's standpoints on current politico-economic and social topics.

No to route proposed by the «Energy Strategy 2050»

The federal government's «Energy Strategy 2050» jeopardizes the security of electricity supplies and the competitiveness of Switzerland’s exporting industry. scienceindustries is therefore fundamentally opposed to the «Energy Strategy 2050».